Welcome! This is a blog about market research data and the processing, analysis and strategy that goes alongside it.

IBM-style punch card
IBM-style punch card

Multi punched signifies you can hold more than one value. It’s a nod to our heritage as the term comes from the old punch cards used for data storage and processing. The advent of computing and use of punched cards was a significant revolution. I believe we’re on the cusp of an even more profound revolution, driven by the availability of data and the ability to store and process it. This has often been referred to as Big Data.

One aim of this blog is to draw attention to the challenges and opportunities presented by Big Data. To put forward practical measures that can be implemented and to engage in discussion with you. In doing this I hope to identify tools and techniques used outside MR and show how they can be of value.

Another aim is to showcase more conventional techniques for data processing and analysis. To look at how we might use our existing tools to best effect and what other tools are out there to do similar tasks.

“A rising tide lifts all boats” – JFK

The approach with this blog is to foster collaboration, engaging the wider MR data community. We need competitive differentiation, but we also need the best tools and platform to work from, this can often be better achieved by working together.

It is my dearest wish that the articles generate an interest that inspires you to learn something new and apply it to your work. Or, if you’re a decision maker, to consider how we might improve our platforms and processes.

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